Don't forget it was Obama WHO SAID it was illegal/unconstitutional to use an executive order to stop deportations…..and NOW THEY BLAME Trump/Republicans?

This is a fantastic example of his bait and switch politics. Obama was the worse president we’ve ever had in this country. I stand by that. Pres TRUMP has rescinded 0bama’s illegal, unconstitutional executive order known as the Dream Act. … Read more

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Peter King demand Trump pay for teamsters pension after they lost it in the 2008 financial crisis..King blame Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Peter King joined Long Island Teamsters Tuesday in calling for union pension shortfalls to be funded through Treasury bonds tied to the federal budget. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and King (R-Seaford) are pushing Congress to pass the … Read more

California's Leftist Govt is to blame for the emergency spillway failure – design flaw known issue for over 12 years

California officials have known about the flawed emergency spillway design for 12 years or more. But decided they didn’t want to spend the money. Much better to spend the money on illegals and protecting snail darters.   Three environmental groups … Read more

Remember Guccifer 2.0? He Was The Romanian Hacker Who Said He Hacked Hillary, But The Story Was Ignored By Clinton Controlled MSM. Hillary Wanted To Blame Russia.

by Pamela Williams We are going to go back in time to the story of Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0. I ask you to bear with me, as it is very confusing to peek into the world of Hillary Clinton. My … Read more