Real estate bubble. Blame it on work from home. But it’s really the banks.

by Pacific2Prairie

If any of you have been following certain YouTubers. You know damn well that these “empty” buildings have been empty from before the pandemic.

That the horrible rent prices made these unusable places sit empty. This didn’t just start because of the pandemic.

Besides slumlords and falling apart apartments. There is something fishie about all of this commercial buildings being unused.

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Just take a look at those specialty rich people apartments that don’t even get rented.

They are stashing money in overvalued useless properties IMHO.

Source for context.

I’ve watched Manhattan build skyscraper after skyscraper for wealthy people for over 2 decades. I personally think it’s mostly foreign investors using them as money laundering/ investments. Pay now, sit on it for 10-20 years. Sell at vastly higher prices. Work from home is a boom to business. They don’t have to provide a worker with a space to work. Do you realize how much savings that is? The worker will supply their own work space? Business has never had it so good.


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