Alabama Sheriff, Todd Entrekin, pocketed $750K from an inmate food fund and then bought a beach house for $740K.

Although the Sheriff cites an archaic law to justify his embezzlement, its clear he intentionally underfed inmates and then pocketed the difference. Graft, in all its forms, is a conspiracy which cannot be tolerated in a thriving Republic. FOX NEWS – … Read more

Syngenta, one of the world's largest agrochemical corporations is now literally the Chinese government. State owned ChemChina bought them. So…

So the EPA office in charge of cleaning up superfund sites is now run by an ex-Dow chemical lawyer, and they’re doing things like this EPA Wants China to Sell Bee-Killing Pesticide For 165 Mil Acres of US Farmland Thiamethoxam … Read more

The man that was "scammed" by Amazon and was compensated with a $1000 gift card after being sent two boxes of rocks when he bought $12,000 worth of cameras is FAKE.

This is in reference to the video posted on Reddit last week: This guy not only kept $12,000 worth of cameras, but also received a $1000 gift card from Amazon. PROOF: This is from another user’s research that sparked my interest: It’s … Read more

Reminder: Nancy Pelosi bought stocks in at least 8 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), with insider knowledge. This prompted the passing of the “Pelosi Provision”.

House insider trading bill takes dig at Pelosi (FEBRUARY 7, 2012) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republicans in the House of Representatives will take an election-year dig at top Democrat Nancy Pelosi in changes added to a fast-moving ethics bill, adding new … Read more

New Bonds of Steinhoff – Acquirer of Mattress Firm, Sherwood Bedding, etc. – Collapse just after the ECB Bought Them

Wolf Richter, “Accounting irregularities” If you’re holding shares or bonds of a company, such as Steinhoff International Holdings — which acquired Mattress Firm Holding in 2016, Sherwood Bedding in 2017, and a bunch of other companies — well, … Read more