The Fed bought up $2.7 trillion in toxic waste mortgage backed securities to reinflate the housing bubble and take those bad loans off the books of its Wall Street bankster accomplices. Next up: Powell will let the banksters transfer their non-performing commercial real estate loans to the Fed.

by Simian_Stacker

This level of blatant corruption and global usury is frankly biblical in how unprecedented it all is.

$247M Blackstone Hotel Loan Heading For Foreclosure After 34-Month Delinquency (the Fed’s private equity accomplices are going to need massive taxpayer bailouts after their wrong-way bets on CRE in Democrat-malgoverned urban centers that are being destroyed from within)

A Faneuil Hall hotel owned by Blackstone is reportedly heading for foreclosure after negotiation attempts around its delinquent $274M loan failed.

A CMBS loan backed by the 178-room Club Quarters Boston hotel and three other Blackstone-owned CQ hotels in Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia has been in special servicing with CWCapital since mid-2020, and the special servicer is now “pursuing foreclosure,” the Boston Business Journal reported, citing a CMBS industry report.

San Jose hotel site OK’d for 100-plus rooms flops into loan default (the wipeout of Yellen Bux “value” from CRE in commie-controlled states & cities is going to be epic. Got popcorn?)

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The Fed has one prime directive: further enriching the already super-wealthy at the expense of everyone else

Just remove the borrowing limit. Everyone gets 100 million. Problems solved. Infinite money glitch

via businessinsider:

Warren Buffett has dismissed concerns that Congress won’t raise the debt ceiling and the federal government will be forced to default on its loans. He went even further during a previous standoff, describing the clash as an idiotic waste of time, and calling for the borrowing limit to be removed entirely.

Lawmakers aren’t “going to let the debt ceiling cause the world to go into turmoil,” the famed investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO said during his company’s annual shareholder meeting this month. “It’s going to get changed.”

During the debt-ceiling crisis in 2011, Buffett underscored how stupid it would be for legislators to let the country run out of money.




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