10 Year Yield Has Broken To The Upside, February Business Bankruptcy Filings Skyrocketed, The ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Rate for February 2018 is 21.8%.

10 year yield has broken to the upside. I expect, yield rise to strangle growth causing a recession, which will take yields down again. One last drop/re-test before NEW LT YIELD REGIME. Notice rounding-bottom and pot. break-out target at either … Read more

FOX BUSINESS: "Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tops Forbes' billionaire list as Trump slides again" — President Trump slid 222 places to No. 766 and lost $400 MILLION in net worth. It's almost like he cares about the country and not his personal wealth, or something…

I love how libtards are probably cheering this but it goes against their whole narrative at the same time, it’s hilarious. There is one contract (that we know about) where the CIA paid Amazon $600 million dollars for “cloud services”. … Read more

KFC closing 80% outlets in UK and Ireland – what's meaning that from business perspective?

www.businessinsider.com/kfc-shuts-750-uk-stores-in-chicken-logistics-crisis-2018-2 On short: Delivery problems force KFC shutdown across UK, Ireland due to DHL delivery logistic chain blockage, where there is mainly one big warehouse in the city of Rugby, a town in central England from where all the chicken … Read more