Why do Billionaires Keep Buying US Newspapers despite their “Terrible Future,” as Buffett Said?

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter Buffett’s own newspaper conglomerate announced the 2nd round of layoffs in 10 months. “Newspapers have a terrible future. We own the Buffalo News, as you say, and we hope to be the last man standing.” That’s what the … Read more

Composite Liquidity Indicator Is Flashing Red As Everybody Is Buying The Same Stocks Irrespective Of Valuation Or Quality Of The Company. Next Week Should Be Interesting!

Investor socialism on the rise as everybody is buying the same stocks irrespective of valuation or quality of the company: The #ETF business has grown from 100 in 2003 to roughly 1,831 funds, managing $3.4tn today. (Chart via SRP) pic.twitter.com/nuiumFhl8dRead more