Ron Paul confirms the existence of “FEMA facilities” regarding H.R 645. “They’re setting the stage for violence in this country, no doubt about it”.

Civil liberties advocate and long serving congressman Dr. Ron Paul elaborates on the H.R. 645 resolution, and how the elites are setting the stage for civil unrest, as well as how these facilities will be use to house American citizens … Read more

Court ruling confirms Gardasil vaccine kills people… scientific evidence beyond any doubt… so where is the outcry?

by: Lance D Johnson (Natural News) May God bless the Tarsell family, who fought the U.S. government eight long years to validate a medical burden of proof that the Gardasil vaccine killed their daughter. The Tarsell’s 21-year-old daughter Christina Richelle “died from … Read more

Investigative journalist Ben Swann confirms conspiracy facts surrounding censorship of Health Ranger, InfoWars content by YouTube, Facebook, Google

by: JD Heyes (Natural News) In recent weeks independent and alternative media outlets and their content creators have been sounding the alarm over censorship actions undertaken by Left-leaning social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, and others. In many instances, … Read more

Student confirms CNN tried to force him to read a script, names CNN producer Carrie Stevenson who literally told him to "stick to the script."

COLTON HAAB FULL ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH TUCKER CARLSON (2/22/2018) CNN has already, predictably and reflexively, come out and said this guy’s a liar. And now he’s basically proving that they are full of shit. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if … Read more