Biden Admits How Unpopular He Is, and Response of Vegas Audience Confirms It:

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via redstate:

“It’s a hell of a lot more popular than I am!” Biden admitted. I agree. Most of his budget is probably unpopular but at least the left will like the radical parts. That already makes it more popular than old Joe who is unpopular across the board.

But if there was any sign of how unpopular he is and how people don’t like his policies, listen to the reaction here when he promises, “There’s a lot more coming.”

In a room full of a likely friendly audience, it sounds like one person claps. That’s what people think of his agenda. Not a good look for him for 2024. Indeed, you can hear far more in the silence — that’s the people who know “a lot more coming” from Joe Biden is something to be feared and concerned about.

Earlier: The ‘cabal’ that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us must answer for his failed presidency.

It’s time to admit it. Less than a year in, Joe Biden’s is a failed presidency. Biden knows it, the press knows it, and voters know it. And our foreign adversaries like China and Russia know it.

It’s also time to look at the “cabal” of business, labor and political leaders who foisted the Biden administration on us. That won’t be hard, as they were openly bragging about their efforts less than a year ago.

The failure is obvious. The administration is so desperate, it’s begging the press for better coverage. (What, they’re supposed to lie about gas and food prices? I guess so.) The Chinese and Russians are moving aggressively against the United States and its allies, on the ground, on the seas and even in outer space, because they don’t fear repercussions from a tired, incoherent president who presides over an administration of woke incompetents and Obama retreads.

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