COMEY CORRUPTION FACT: FBI/DOJ confirmed that some of the “memos” Comey took when he was fired contained classified information. DOJ/FBI also asserts his leak to NYTIMES targeting President Trump was unauthorized and compares it to Wikileaks.

by TFittonJW I explain Comey/Mueller/FBI/DOJ corruption in this Judicial Watch vid: Here is the background on Comey illegal leaking, as confirmed by DOJ/FBI:

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Reminder that Reddit censored my own comment in my own post on major FBI corruption story.

by TFittonJW My semi-regular reminder of Reddit censorship of Judicial Watch’s anti-corruption work. Here’s my original post: Incredibly, Reddit somehow censored my follow up comment with all sorts of background info. on FBI/DOJ anti-Trump/pro-Clinton corruption. Here is my essential background … Read more