How are we supposed to expose corruption and bad things when you’re literally not even allowed to talk about them online?

by preSTINewoRLd

Like it’s not just that you get punished for talking about it which is a form of censorship but you’re literally not allowed to mention half of these bad things. The mere mention of it will get deleted and your account banned. You can’t stop bad things from happening if you’re not even allowed to raise awareness about them. If you’re not even allowed to mention them so people have no way to know that it even exists

That’s the real danger but also genius and censorship.. It doesn’t just scare people into not talking about things but it actively prevents them from talking about it. Social media used to be a great tool for activists to bring attention to corrupt things that governments were doing and have these stories go viral so that corrupt people and corrupt governments couldn’t just hide behind ignorance anymore. But what happens when those social media companies are doing the bidding of those corrupt governments? Suddenly when activists and reporters and journalists try to expose corruption it’s disappeared. Those reporters and journalists get banned the activists get banned all the mentions of the story get banned

I mean just that New York Post story alone which got very famous. Is that not the exact example of pure corruption? They reported on a story that was later proven true about the president’s son and social media in an effort to make sure that it didn’t convince people to vote against that president completely banned it. You were not allowed to mention it

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Or during the impeachment You weren’t allowed to mention the name of the whistleblower even though who he was was EXTREMELY relevant to the impeachment

And then there’s that child abuse stuff that starts with a g and You’re not even allowed to say the word without getting censored.

How do you expose corruption How do you expose bad things How do you plan to ever stop them from happening when you’re not even allowed to mention that they’re happening at all?

Was instantly banned with no context. This was the comment I made. How do you guys feel about this?
by u/DefinitelyNotThatOne in conspiracy


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