On Monday the SP500 is creating a new Communications sector which may affect ETFs.

www.cnbc.com/2018/09/21/on-monday-google-facebook-and-netflix-will-make-a-big-market-move.html Market-leading companies including Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix are changing S&P 500 sectors on Monday. The New S&P Communications sector that replaces the telecom index will include these big technology … Read more

US stock market leverage dangerously high… Creating artificial economic growth w massive deficits debt looks good short run but creates bubbles .. see 2008

US #STOCKMARKET LEVERAGE (NET MARGIN DEBT + NET LEVERAGED ETFs + NET SPECULATIVE FUTURES POSITIONING) / #SP500 MARKET CAP Via @Callum_Thomas & @topdowncharts pic.twitter.com/sk2K0ZnEoe — OW (@OccupyWisdom) August 26, 2018 … Read more