Pre-dawn waits for door busters diminish… AMAZON With Pumpkin Pie? Shopping Starts on Phone After Dinner… E-commerce sales up 18%

Pre-dawn waits for door busters diminish, but Black Friday weekend still important for retailers After paging through the door buster ads, Jean Wendt, her sisters and nieces will head out around 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day to begin their Black … Read more

The Art of Protest – Let’s Call Out Injustice When We See It, Let’s Protest When We Have Firmly Held Beliefs, But Let’s Not Diminish The Noble Act Of Protest By Spreading Lies For Our Own Personal Agendas.

by Mark Angelides There seems to be a new form of protest emerging that is as self serving as it is ugly. Instead of being a genuine expression of concern, motivated by the desire to effect change, this new form … Read more