50 more sealed indictments in eastern Virgina. 33 others are in DC. These are 50 additional sealed indictments. A big storm.is a brewing

drive.google.com/file/d/1Au0aupHmQMe1RnP93e8lUQWh8IkQG4k0/view And for quick reference here are the 33 from DC. drive.google.com/file/d/1-0rmBG111gCXps0hTHj1A70LSCOMg_Ns/view 5. As at 3.30pm TODAY, there are 33 sealed indictments filed. All 33 have been filed since 30 October, an 8 day period. — Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) November 9, 2017 … Read more

BREAKING: NORTH KOREA Launched Missile At 10:45 Eastern Standard Time Friday Night. This Is A Mounting Crisis.

by Pamela Williams It is my time right now 10:59 Eastern Standard Time Friday night (July28/2017).  In my opinion we are in a crisis.  North Korea just launched another missile at 10:45…just a short while ago.  We have not heard anything … Read more