FITTON: More than enough evidence to warrant arrest and prosecution of Hillary Clinton. ICYMI: At least 18 classified emails were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop –this was covered up by FBI/DOJ/State for over a year.

by TFittonJW Who needs a special counsel when you have Judicial Watch doing the heavy lifting? Some more background:

FOX NEWS: New texts spark new questions about FBI, Clinton emails; Missing link found in dossier scandal?

Newly uncovered texts between alleged anti-Trump FBI agents raise more questions about the bureau’s integrity and the Hillary Clinton email investigation Fox News Exclusive: Rep. Trey Gowdy suggests Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal leaked info to the author of the Trump-Russia … Read more

22 Hillary Emails Released from U.S. Dept of State – 1 Confidential 1.4(b) 1.4(d) with 'Pls print' This one, in case people came to the comments section looking for a link And, she was asking Justin Cooper to print it. He was her unofficial tech support guy that actually worked for her husband at the … Read more