Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight as he's about to expose Soros org.

Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight under strange circumstances. This comes just as he is investigating and exposing well known communist Robert Aschberg & far-left org. Expo which is funded by SOROS Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir … Read more

Incoming: Massive 13 million page leak called “Paradise Papers” will soon expose many celebrities and politicians offshore financial affairs… List of people who resigned/were fired

Summary: A little bit of background to the Paradise Papers. The papers are a huge batch of leaked documents mostly from offshore law firm Appleby, along with corporate registries in 19 tax jurisdictions, which reveal the financial dealings of politicians, … Read more

List of CONFIRMED HATE HOAXES is growing BIG LEAGUE. EXPOSE THE FAKE NEWS "rise of hate crimes in Trump's America" nonsense. Corrupt MSM won't do their job, so we have to do it for them!

by onewallee Confirmed Hoaxes The Texas family whose car and motorcycle were burned, and whose garage was spray-painted with “n—-r lover”, only to have his wife later reveal that her husband had hoaxed the community by doing it himself. www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2016/12/23/denton-man-set-vehicles-ablaze-painted-racial-slur-garage-door-wife-saysRead more