Follow the money: Baltimore to spend $200,000 to help illegal aliens fight deportation

by DCG The city of Baltimore faces many challenges, mainly a very high crime rate. See our following blog posts: Baltimore sets record for killings per capita Baltimore lawmaker’s grandson killed in Labor Day weekend violence Baltimore’s “Don’t kill anybody” weekend: 3 shot, … Read more

UPDATE To: Billy Jack Haynes – Linda Ives – Fight For Justice – Arkansas – Clinton – The Train Deaths

by Ruby Henley Update to the report: This is the story of a mother, Linda Ives, who lost her son to an evil in Arkansas, which has long been a darkness over that land .  Even in her continual … Read more

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has helped write every single anti-gun law. Do they want gun laws in order to collect your money to turn around and then "fight" them? Based on NRA executive salaries and other shady internal conflicts, this could be true.

In the linked article, it details everything from how greed, lying, cheating and outrageous payouts and salaries rule the day. In essence, you’ll learn you have no voice in the organization you trust to protect your rights. Their priorities have … Read more

‘Allahu Akbar’ Becomes A Rallying Call As Leftists Join Forces With Radical Muslims To Fight Trump All Across America

By Michael Snyder An “unholy alliance” between anti-Trump leftists and radical Muslims is beginning to emerge all over America. President Trump’s recent executive order that restricted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries is bringing a very strange mixture of people … Read more