WATCH: Comey in January 2017 lying and giving the impression that he NEEDED to take notes on his Trump meetings…and the media RAN with the story for WEEKS…and now we have his memos and they prove otherwise.

The real question here: Given what we now know, why do we have a special counsel? There appears to have been no basis for Mueller’s appointment. Published on Jun 8, 2017 James Comey explains to the Senate Intelligence Committee why … Read more

1 year and 3 days later after Snopes “debunked” Nobel’s regret of giving Obama the Peace Prize, the secretary of Nobel went on record saying the same thing

Links (archived): Snopes BBC   Snopes was kind of cool when it was only about online hoaxes, as soon as they left that area and tried other stuff, their huge political bias showed. Not to mention, they have no investigative … Read more

Russian Collusion – Bill Clinton (Holding No Government Position) Met Russians To Close Deal For The Clinton Foundation By Giving Away American Uranium.

by Ruby Henley If you listed in basic English on a school blackboard the crimes and evils of the Obama Administration, including in that the Clintons, it could clearly be read out loud to a classroom of students.  If you … Read more

List of companies giving pay raises & bonuses because of new tax law; Democrat governors file lawsuit to block

by Dr. Eowyn The AP’s Paul Wiseman reports that on December 26, 2017, President Trump signed the GOP’s tax bill into law. By slashing the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35%, one of the highest among advanced economies, the new law distributes benefits across … Read more

Blackout: Major progressive web sites omit report that Starbucks is giving raises as result of GOP tax cut

by DCG  Yesterday at 5:09 am Reuters reported that Starbucks was going to give raises to employees. From the story: “Starbucks Corp (SBUX.O) will use some of the savings from the new U.S. corporate tax cuts to give domestic employees pay raises, company stock … Read more

Planned Parenthood Will Now Be Giving Sex Changes To Minors

Planned Parenthood stated in its 2016-17 annual report that it now offers transgender “hormone therapy” in seventeen states. Planned Parenthood’s website explains that some youth feel their gender “doesn’t match…the gender that they feel they are inside.” Contrary to … Read more


Schumer says he offered to discuss border wall as part of Trump deal… Government braces for shutdown as Senate fails to meet deadline for spending deal… 65 lawmakers urge Devin Nunes to allow release of memo on FISA … Read more