Stop Giving Money to People Who Hate You: The New Anti-Woke, Amazon-Like Alternative

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If you’re tired of giving money to woke corporations that fund political correctness with your pocketbook and then laugh all the way to the bank, well, you now may be able to wipe that smile right off their faces. For there’s a new big-business player in town: a patriotic online marketplace called Public Square (PublicSq.).

What’s more, with reports that it’s set to merge with Colombier Acquisition Corporation in a $200 million dollar deal, the hope is that it will give every consumer an Amazon-like alternative to our increasingly woke business world.

The Daily Mail reports on the story, writing that the San Diego-based PublicSq

launched nationwide seven months ago and now hosts nearly 50,000 ‘patriotic’ vendors and has processed millions of transactions.

It’s now drawn in conservative heavyweights like Donald Trump Jr., who serves as an investor and an adviser, and former Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters, who is an advisor.

‘People need to stop giving their money to businesses that hate them. We aren’t going to defeat woke corporations by whining on Twitter,’ Trump Jr. told

…The company offers consumers an alternative online sales platform at a time when the GOP has made ‘progressive corporatism’ and Big Tech abuses its new battlefront.

‘We’re the nation’s largest directory of patriotic, America-first businesses and consumers that has ever existed,’ Michael Seifert, the company’s founder, told in an interview.

Those involved in the platform find themselves at the center of the new conservative movement to take on ‘woke’ corporations.

In a sign of the nation’s ever-growing right-left divide, they say they are working to create a ‘parallel economy’ where consumers don’t have to purchase anything from vendors whose political values don’t align with their own.

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