You have to wonder whether Comey “exonerated” Hillary Clinton because he was doing the same thing!

by TFittonJW Here’s the latest BIG Judicial Watch update: And two new lawsuits to hold Comey/Mueller accountable:

Hannity: “96% of ALL campaign contributions from journalists went to Hillary Clinton.

Here you go, ‘pede! I just did a DuckDuckGo on the names beneath the quote above **Spez: here is another article IT

Bombshell: Comey says there were “hundreds of thousands” of Hillary emails on perv Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but watchdog group was told only “72,000” existed

by: JD Heyes (Natural News) To say that the interview fired FBI Director James Comey did with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday contained no bombshells turns out to be factually incorrect after all. Anyone who watched — and it certainly wasn’t … Read more

IG Report BOMBSHELL: Hillary was under criminal investigation during the campaign

Once again, everything liberals (wrongly) accuse us of doing, they are actually doing themselves. Here We Go! OIG Report shows that McCabe was obstructing the WEINER LAPTOP investigation! WHAT DID THEY COVER UP? DOJ just issued the McCabe report … Read more

Hannity Interviews Alan Dershowitz About Mueller Probe,”If this were Hillary , the ACLU would be on every TV station in America jumping up and down,” he said.

“The deafening silence of the ACLU and civil libertarians about the intrusion into the lawyer-client confidentiality is really appalling.” The crime Mueller committed was violating the executive privilege of the executive branch – a cornerstone of separation of powers recognized … Read more