Tomi Lahren: "Sunday night was nothing more than a bunch of Hollywood liberals gathered in a fancy theater to dedicate yet another award show to their self-obsession and blatant hypocrisy."

Watch the latest video at It’s time for Final Thoughts. Oh, the Oscars … the 90th annual Academy Awards – a celebration of film, art, fashion and culture. Yeah, right. Let’s be honest: Sunday night was nothing more than a … Read more

Sibel Edmonds & Douglas Valentine: CIA infiltrates & establishes terrorist groups to get the groups to perform terroristic acts. How the CIA, News Media, and Hollywood are one in the same thing. Valentine on Seymour Hirsch. The CIA's murder of Frank Olson. More

Sibel Edmonds and Douglas Valentine discuss how the CIA infiltrates & establishes terrorist groups to get the groups to perform terroristic acts and events! (So pernicious.) Doug and Sibel delve deep into the CIA’s murder of Frank Olson, the CIA’s … Read more

CNN, MSNBC, and Hollywood Leftist kook Michael Moore all helped Russia sow discord by promoting a FAKE anti-Trump rally

by: JD Heyes (Natural News) Some readers get offended when I talk about the “American Pravda” media being the biggest enemy of the United States these days. Well, when there are numerous examples to back up the claim, I’m not … Read more

How the Israel lobby in Hollywood raises annually millions to the IDF ( A Foreign Army ) as a form of charity. – In addition to $4 Billion The US Government already gives Israel annually as an aid. Published on Jan 4, 2018 Once a year, some of the biggest names in Hollywood get together with prominent leaders in business and politics, to raise millions for charity. Some of the celebrities attending this year’s event were Gerard … Read more

Dave Janda – Top Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C. Involved in Child Abuse… Health Insurance Companies Count on Taxpayer Bailout

Dr. Dave Janda has top Washington D.C. contacts and reveals one of his sources says General Flynn was working with the Russians to stop child rape and abuse. Do you wonder why General Flynn has not been charged with any … Read more