Maxine Waters: Time ‘to get ready for impeachment’ While Questions about her Financial dealings are questioned.

SAN DIEGO — Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who has been a leading opponent of President Trump on Capitol Hill, told thousands of Democratic activists and officials to “get ready for impeachment.” Speaking at the California Democratic Party’s annual convention in … Read more

NEWSWEEK: Trump Impeachment Process Could Start Soon If Draft Letter Proves President Trump Fired Comey Over Russia: Joaquin Castro.

by Ruby Henley While President Trump has spent his time comforting America during the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey and the coming of “nuclear hurricane” Irma, a Texas Democrat revealed in an interview with MSNBC that Congress is considering a Trump … Read more

While The Dems Begin Impeachment Proceedings, Chuck Grassley Demands To Know If Donald Trump Jr. Was Setup Under The Obama Administration.

by Pamela Williams Congressman Brad Sherman has become the first to formally introduce an impeachment filing against President Donald Trump over his dealings with former FBI chief James Comey.  So it begins, but Senator Charles Grassley demands to know if Donald … Read more

We Are In The Danger Zone – The Deep State Moving Now To Crisis Mode – The Impeachment Of President Trump At The Loss Of All Americans Hold Dear.

by Pamela Williams   This is a difficult report to write, as I feel the need to shout it out to all Americans right at this moment.  I am only a writer, who aspires to inform and document the truth as … Read more