Student confirms CNN tried to force him to read a script, names CNN producer Carrie Stevenson who literally told him to "stick to the script."

COLTON HAAB FULL ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH TUCKER CARLSON (2/22/2018) CNN has already, predictably and reflexively, come out and said this guy’s a liar. And now he’s basically proving that they are full of shit. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if … Read more

President-elect Trump Well Aware Of The Coup Attempt Upon Him By THE POWERS THAT BE, And WE THE PEOPLE Must Take Names – Our Survivial Depends Upon Our Awareness.

by Pamela Williams Let us be blunt and not run from the fact we are being stepped upon by political factions within our own government, who seek to silence us and steal the US Election from President-elect Trump. President-elect understands … Read more