A user connects the Facebook/Russia dots, yet i see no discussion here about *this* specifically, just the CA/FB narrative. Can we discuss these implications?

by BicyclingBrightsWay TL;DR Zuckerberg has been rubbing shoulders with wealthy Russians for almost a decade, many of which also have ties to the Trump campaign. Russia is deeply embedded into Facebook. In 2009, Russian social-media mogul Yuri Milner invested $200 million … Read more

Peter Navarro Pushes Back Against False Narrative from GOPe and Wall Street Financial Class – America First Economic Policy…

by sundance U.S. Steel and Aluminum tariffs are just one component of a larger economic issue. Bringing back U.S. production on those sectors is vital to the infrastructure of a manufacturing and production economy. Modern Wall Street is centered on multinational interests within … Read more

Wow, Please Hug your family tonight as the globalized sync growth narrative is cracking. RIP China MFG PMI

Tech cracks are beginning to appear: t.co/6mBb91mEpT by @NorthmanTrader $QQQ $NDX pic.twitter.com/CmZkDoqE38 — Lance Roberts (@LanceRoberts) February 27, 2018 $SPX .764%-Fib Resistance "No evidence thus far that companies are taking advantage of the new tax law to make investments," h/t … Read more

CNN Producer called students father after shooting, expressed they were looking for stories to fit a certain narrative to “turn a crisis in to policy”

video on this page: dailycaller.com/2018/02/22/parkland-shooting-father-cnn-gun-control/ The father of a Stoneman Douglas High School student is accusing CNN of specifically seeking out survivors of the shooting who wanted to talk about gun control, bolstering another survivor’s claims that the network tried … Read more

Hillary Clinton: Climate change is “sexist” … huh? Left-wing climate narrative collapses into irrational nonsense

by: Jayson Veley (Natural News) On a hot summer day, most people probably don’t go outside, look up towards the sun and say, “this heat is sexist.” That would be utterly moronic – obviously, the weather can’t be discriminatory towards … Read more