US Gross National Debt Spikes $1.2 Trillion in 6 Months, Hits $21 Trillion – These Dang Trillions Are Flying By So Fast, They’re Hard To See.

Wolf Richter, The US gross national debt jumped by $72.8 billion in one day, on Thursday, the Treasury Department reported Friday afternoon. This March 16 is a historic date of gloomy proportions, because on this date, the US … Read more

The basis for a remotely readable national ID in the US? States are trialling mobile driver licenses police can ping from a distance.

by LizMcIntyre The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles is trialling a mobile driver license that allows “law enforcement officers to ping a driver’s smartphone to request their driver’s license information prior to walking to the vehicle.” Virginia and Iowa have recently … Read more

Trump Administration Blocks Biggest Tech Merger In History; Says “Necessary To Protect National Security”

by Dylan Scott, NEE Trump Administration Preemptively Blocks $177 Billion Qualcomm-Broadcom Deal The Trump administration has blocked the biggest tech deal in history earlier this week. The proposed deal would see Broadcom acquiring Qualcomm for a whopping $117 billion. In the unprecedented move … Read more

"Stolen and destroyed records. Violations of national security laws…JUDICIAL WATCH has compiled enough evidence to compel the lawful arrest of Hillary Clinton," said FITTON.

by TFittonJW “It’s no wonder that the D.C. establishment would rather talk about their made-up garbage about Donald Trump and Russia.” Judicial Watch President @TomFitton was LIVE at @CPAC talking about JW’s continued calls for justice in the #ClintonEmailScandal and … Read more

George Soros spent $33,000,000 bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create 'echo chamber' and drive national protests

Hedge fund mogul’s Open Society Foundations made huge donations Organizers bussed in from New York and D.C. to take over campaigning Different cash recipients would repeat each others’ messages Helped to keep events and messages at the top of news … Read more

School Shooting Was Outcome of Broward County School Board Policy – Now Local and National Politicians Weaponize Kids for Ideological Intents…

by sundance CTH has intentionally stayed away from discussion of the Parkland school shooting as we watched and reviewed the response.  However, it’s time to call the Broward School Board officials to task and simultaneously prepare the class-action lawyers to cripple … Read more

An Accident Waiting to Happen: The Economy Is Not Sound, Household Debt Hits All-Time Record and National Debt Is ‘Unsustainable’…

Roach Says The Economy Is Not Sound Former Morgan Stanley Chief Economist and Yale Economist  Stephen Roach is sounding the alarm on U.S. deficit and savings rate and calling it an accident waiting to happen here … “The way I look at … Read more