Robert F. Kennedy Jr Calls Out Pfizer’s Clinical Trial Data on National Television

“It took them 22,000 vaccines to prevent one death. And if you’re going to give 22,000 vaccines to prevent one COVID death you better make sure that the vaccine is safe and the vaccine is not killing people…In Pfizer’s clinical trial the vaccine group had a 23% greater death rate from all-causes than in the placebo group. It was a product that should have never been approved, much less mandated.”

“These Vaccines Saved No One!” – Dr.
Pierre Kory
Unloads the Truth on the Wisconsin State Legislature

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“We have baby formula, which kills a couple of babies, and the entire product is removed from the market. You have a faulty muffler on a car, and they recall 300,000 cars. And here you have all of these deaths being reported, and nobody’s doing anything.”

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