Trump Is Not a Threat to a Free Press Despite Inflamed Rhetoric, Obama Administration and DNC’s Recent Lawsuit Much More Threatening

By Bob Shanahan America’s mainstream media continues to blow President Trump’s words and threats out of proportion while giving the Obama administration a pass for its actions against press freedom and forgetting Bush’s jailing of a New York Times reporter. … Read more

JAMES WOODS Asks Columbia Students Who Recall Barack Obama Being A Student While They Were There, To Send Photos…The Responses Are HILARIOUS!

One month before the 2008 presidential election, the Wall Street Journal published an article questioning the legitimacy of then-candidate Barack Obama’s claim that he attended Columbia University. The Columbia years are a hole in the sprawling Obama hagiography. In … Read more

The Swamp Strikes Back? If Trump starts a war in Syria and starts back up TPP, then we are now in Bush’s 5 term, Obama’s 3rd… however you want to count it.

The most globalist agreement the globalists could design is sticking its head back up. Remember, the Federal Reserve bill was called lots of things, and killed lots of times, before it finally was passed and enslaved us all. Trump directs … Read more