Will Your Driver’s License Soon Become Invalid as ID? The "REAL ID" Act goes into effect October 1, 2020. The most threatening aspect of the REAL ID initiative is that it’s a security and privacy nightmare.

Drivers licensing is not about qualifying to operate a motor vehicle, it has become a database and tracking program for the federal government. The requirements for the states to issue drivers licences are being dictated by the Department of Homeland … Read more

Nevada Judge Orders Metro To Release All October 1 Videos And Documents From Las Vegas Massacre – Plus A Question I Have.

by Ruby Henley We need to thank District Court Judge Richard Scotti, who has ruled that videos and documents from October 1, 2017 be released by the Vegas Metro Police.  We are talking here about surveillance video, evidence logs, body … Read more

HAPPENING: Judge rules that all documents from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's investigation of 1 October must be released within 30 days.

Judge rules that all documents from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation of 1 October must be released within 30 days. www.ktnv.com/news/las-vegas-shooting/judge-1-october-police-evidence-body-cam-footage-must-be-released Now watch how all the files “get lost” over the next month. Or, they’ll be so redacted that they’re … Read more

Update On Las Vegas Massacre – Lawyer Tells Judge Indictments On Suspects Soon – Marilou Danley Boarded Plane Night Of October 1, 2017 TO PHILIPPINES – Plus More.

by Ruby Henley I have been researching the Las Vegas Massacre, listening to videos, and I have compiled some new information.  First of all, I so admire these investigative journalists, who have spent their time investigating this mass shooting.  They … Read more

Eight Days to Destruction: From October 12, 1987 to October 20, 1987, the DOW dropped from a high of 2,505 to a low of 1,616. Down 36%!

by Gary Christenson Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane on August 25. The wind and flooding caused massive destruction. The news mentioned one hundred billion dollars as a preliminary estimate of the damage. Eight days before on August 17 … Read more

The great bull market in its last stages? U.S. car sales fall sharply in June; Silicon Valley begins to crack visibly; October doom? Ron Paul predicts gold up 50% stocks down 25% this October

Tom McClellan – Treasury-Bund Spread Gives Early Warning of the End This is a warning that the great bull market in stock prices from the 2009 low is in its last stages. Why Quantitative Tightening Will Fail After 9 years … Read more