Alarm! REAL Average Hourly Earnings At -2.8% YoY In October, Negative Growth Since March 2021 (19 Straight Months Of Negative Earnings Growth!)

by confoundedinterest17


The inflation numbers are out for October and they still stink (headline inflation still sizzling at 7.7% YoY).

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But the number that really irks me is … REAL average hourly earnings growth is at a horrifying -2.8% YoY because of Biden’s terrible policies (aka, Bidenflation).

Real average hourly earnings growth YoY has been negative since March 2021. That is 19 straight months of negative earnings growth under Biden/Pelosi/Schumer’s reign of error.

So, Pennsylvania elects this guy to perpetuate Biden/Pelosi/Schumer’s awful policies?



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