WEB TROUBLES: INSTAGRAM Will Start Blurring 'Offensive' Photos… FACEBOOK 'Hunt & Kill White Women' Post Not Hate Speech?

TWITTER explores subscription-based option… SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Twitter Inc is considering whether to build a premium version of its popular Tweetdeck interface aimed at professionals, the company said on Thursday, raising the possibility that it could collect subscription fees … Read more

FACTS On The SESSIONS/RUSSIA AMBASSADOR Meetings – The OBAMA Administration Planned The "Meetings" – PLUS There Are Photos Of Pelosi At Dinner With Ambassador.

by Pamela Williams We are beginning to get the facts behind the Sessions/Russia Ambassador meetings. But MOST OF ALL, we are beginning to understand there is no longer a distinction between those opposing Trump and the worst of those in the … Read more

Oroville Dam Update: Now that the water emergency is over, here's some photos showing the damage caused by the spillway erosion.

by Chris www.kcra.com/article/10-photos-show-extensive-damage-at-oroville-… In addition to those photos, I found this which I grabbed from a fly-by someone did: That spillway is 50% gone…. Beyond Repair? One picture is worth a thousand words. Here are nine images of the damage. … Read more