EXPOSED: FBI investigator Peter Strzok & FBI attorney Lisa Page shown in their text messages to be leaking stories from the Clinton Investigation, Trump investigation and Mueller investigation to journalists at Politico, The Wall Street Journal and WP.

The fact that Strzok is still working at any capacity at the FBI means he still has a clearance from FedGov and that is disturbing. They have irrefutable proof of malfeasance and dereliction of duty and his clearance should have … Read more

BOMBSHELL: Newly Release Strzok Text Messages Suggest "Behind the Scenes" Collusion between McCabe, Strzok, Comey and MUELLER

Mueller was fulling in on it…… THis is HUGH! One of the questions on the Security Clearance questionnaire is “Have you or have you ever been a member of an organization to overthrow the US government? “. Stroyk, Mueller, Comey, … Read more