Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump

by Thinker

‘Anti – Trump Texts’ FBI Agent Peter Strzok Testifies before House Oversight committees on Russia Probe, and the man who blamed the American people? Trey Gowdy can finally see some of the corruption that he has shown the American people.


What Trey Gowdy continues to show the American people, and more than likely the reason he wants to leave Washington, is because when the politicians of deep state commit crimes, they don’t have to do the time.

They break the law!

They lie under oath!

They attack a sitting president!

They lose their jobs and get another one!

No justice…no peace!



Holder Admits Lies in Fast and Furious, Refuses to Resign

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Instead of offering his resignation as a growing chorus of critics has demanded, Attorney General Eric Holder (left) is going on the offensive over his alleged perjury and the growing scandal surrounding the Obama administration’s deadly “Fast and Furious” program that supplied weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Meanwhile, Holder is also calling for more gun control while attacking Congress for shedding light on the alleged government criminality. But Republicans and some Democrats are still pursuing the truth.

In May Holder testified before Congress — under oath — that he had learned about the gun-running scheme only “in the last few weeks.” But last week, he changed his story after it became well known via the Justice Department’s own documents that his claim was completely false. “In my testimony before the House committee, I did say ‘a few weeks.’ I probably could have said ‘a couple of months,’” Holder told the Senate Judiciary Committee on November 8. “I don’t think that what I said in terms of using the term ‘a few weeks’ was inaccurate, based on what happened.”

As it turns out, however, Holder is still not telling the truth. And the evidence that shows it was still:

Rep. Gowdy Questions AG Holder About Duty to Faithfully Execute the Law
Rep. Gowdy questions AG Holder about mandatory minimum sentences. Trey Gowdy; “Holding hope that the law will trump politics” Eric Holder’s answers about enforcing the law, but those laws didn’t apply to him?

Obama on “Fast & Furious”: Holder has my “complete confidence”

Obama blames Bush administration for the “Fast and Furious”. How many time did he lie?



Eric Holder and his decision to step down from power. On the same day Federal judges demanded Attorney General Holder release private documents from the Fast and Furious Scandal, he defiantly announced his resignation. For more than two years, Holder and Obama stonewalled investigators, refused to cooperate with judges and abused the powers of Executive Privilege just to hide their own gun smuggling scandal. Holder intentionally allowed licensed gun dealers to sell weapons to criminals, and then allowed them to carry those illegal weapons into Mexico, all as a part of an elaborate, completely botched sting operation.

In the process, US Border Patrol officer, Brian Terry was killed, a direct result of Holder’s actions. Mexico’s Attorney General says those guns have shown up at the murder scene of another 150 victims, south of the border. As terrible as that is, it doesn’t stop there. Since the Fast and Furious gun smuggling scandal, several lifelong employees have lost their jobs, fired from the ATF and Department of Justice. All for following Eric Holder’s demands. Now, after thousands of subpoenas and demands from House Republicans, Holders office is finally being forced to hand over just a few emails from the scandal. What we’re learning is that Holder’s WORDS are actually MIRRORING his ACTIONS, something we can’t always say about Mr. Obama. Holder’s acts of obstruction, revenge and anger were confirmed by the words he wrote down in several emails.

During one email, Holder hotly responded, “This is not a negotiation.” Then, after 25 US Attorneys complained about Holder’s inappropriate behavior, he retaliated, “People can kiss my…” Well, you can fill in the blank. It remains to be seen if newly appointed Loretta Lynch can improve the image of the Attorney General’s Office. But it seems very clear, she couldn’t possibly do much more to damage it, that Eric Holder hasn’t already done.


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