FITTON: BIG: New Ohr/Strzok/Page Docs Magically Found AND New Docs Show Obama State Department Russiagate COLLUSION with Russia AND House Dem Leadership!

by TFittonJW The corruption is astonishing and you can see why I look ready to pop at times:  

HUGE: Peter Strzok’s Wife Offered Overstock CEO Massive “In Kind” Bribe To Work With FBI. Strzok’s Wife Melissa Hodgman, Was Leading A SEC Investigation Into Overstock At The Time. Suddenly The Investigation Was ‘Dropped’

Funny how the "political espionage" story just ***poof*** disappeared shortly after this: — TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) October 25, 2019 This story is the biggest spider web of corruption of all … Read more

FITTON:HUGE Deep State Corruption: FBI wants 2 years to turn over Page-Strzok docs and now DOJ will give Comey a pass on criminal leaks that tried to destroy President Trump.

by TFittonJW Here is the background: One minute vid: Appearance on Hannity: I am hulking person in the pic with our JW lawyer on the cases, Michael Bekesha.

FITON:HUGE Update: Judicial Watch causes Page-Strzok Lovers’ Spat; Cali Begins Cleaning 1.59 million names from voting rolls; and Clinton Emails Witness Can’t Remember if Server Wiped!

by TFittonJW Massive Update: No one is doing more heavy lifting: (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 345 pages of records from the Department of Justice that show FBI … Read more

FITTON: MONSTER Week! New Page-Strzok Emails Suggest Media-FBI Anti-Trump Collusion;California Massive Roll Clean Up–Up to 1.59 million names!; and Clinton Email Witness Admits Clintons Paid Legal Bills.

by TFittonJW Massive Update: No one is doing more heavy lifting: The back is is me on the roof of our HQ here in DC yesterday. … Read more

FITTON:MASSIVE Ethical Mess: New Strzok-Page Emails Show Clinton Email Games, Media Collusion, and Lovers’ Spat between Strzok-Page

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch heavy lifting gets big results: “These new Page-Strzok emails show the Obama FBI to be a mess both professionally and ethically” said Judicial Watch President Tom … Read more