Higher Interest Rates Will Ultimately Trigger The Next Recession As The Entire Debt Construct Will Be Weighted Down By The Burdens Of Cost Of Carry.

“So They Want to Keep Raising Rates” Higher interest rates will ultimately trigger the next recession as the entire debt construct will be weighted down by the burdens of cost of carry. And today’s inflation and correlated weakening retail sales … Read more

Dollar Is Tanking With Trade Deficits, U.S. Stimulus Will Be Trigger a Market Implosion, Recession… Stagflation Cycle Begins?

Albert Edwards: ‘Trump?’s Grotesquely Ill-Timed Stimulus Will Be Trigger For Market Implosion, Recession’ Boy, I’ll tell you what folks: the verdict is in on Trump’s exceptionally ill-advised decision to pile fiscal stimulus atop an overheating economy amid a deficit-funded tax … Read more

TD Ameritrade CEO Warns “Never Seen Client Cash Levels This Low”… Socgen: Equity Markets Could Be In For A Nasty Surprise… Shiller: Markets Could Suddenly Turn And They Don't Even Need A Trigger

Slowing Cash Flow Could Mean a ‘Nasty Surprise’ for U.S. Stocks There’s been a “steady” decline in the growth of net operating cash flow in U.S. stocks, excluding the financial and energy sectors, the French bank’s analysts highlighted in a … Read more