FAKE NEWS: Hillary’s shock memo intervention, Justin Trudeau goes mad in public, and UK Treasury’s Zen tax strategy revealed.

by John Ward It may be fake news today, but try to be patient: as ever, The Slog brings you tomorrow’s Real News now, as yesterday’s surreal news comes true today, and today’s fake news is made flesh tomorrow. It’s all … Read more

Billionaire Barry Sherman, one of the most powerful capitalist in Canada and a close friend of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been executed along with his wife by multiple killers in Toronto

Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by multiple killers, private investigators believe: source WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions that may be disturbing to readers www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/barry-and-honey-sherman-were-murdered-by-multiple-killers-private-investigators-believe-source-1.4496686 Hired investigators reportedly find markings on Barry and Honey Sherman’s wrists indicating their hands … Read more