Fox’s Judge Napolitano Vindicates Trump Wiretapping Accusation: ‘Appears to be Absolutely True’

Come on Sessions! We can’t sit here and pretend that TV ‘personalities’ mean damn thing here when it comes to justice. We need some action. Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano made the claim this morning that President … Read more

President Trump Orders Review Of Government Structure To Reduce Size And Cost – Huge Undertaking – Plus, Trump To Get Wiretapping Evidence Soon

by Pamela Williams President Donald Trump ordered work to begin on a reorganization plan for the federal government to reduce its size and cost. “Today there is duplication and redundancy everywhere,” Trump said in an Oval Office signing ceremony on Monday. … Read more

Trump's Reason To Accuse Obama Of Wiretapping: REPORT Coming From British Journalist/Former Conservative MP for Corby, Louise Mensch, an opponent of Mr Trump.

by Pamela Williams President Trump would never accuse Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower on a whim without any proof. He does have a legitimate reason to believe that Obama did, in fact, wiretap Trump Tower. British Journalist, Louise Mensch, reported two … Read more

President Trump on a twitter rampage-Accuses Obama of wiretapping phones

Tweets by realDonaldTrump Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower   h/t Factual Error