11 FISA Judges Who Treasonously Signed Off On Warrants for Spying/Wiretapping POTUS

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Just for the record , of the 11 FISA Judges that Treasonously signed off on the Warrants for the Spying/Wiretapping of Carter Page , Donald Trump and his campaign , ALL were handpicked by:

What was the reason that 11 judges would risk being caught going against the very laws that they are supposed to govern by???

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How many top level officials have lied and until they had to resign or were fired by Donald Trump??? What is the fear of declassifying documents that the president wants the people to see and know??? What are the American people and the citizens of the world going to learn??? What role do the troops around the world have on it all??? What was the reason the POTUS went to Germany???

See also  REPORT: APPLE Cook signed $275 billion deal to placate China...

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben connect the dots from the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump to the Tavistock Institute and Facebook.

Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth’s secret plan to take over the world.

Along the way, they give further disclosures on the Jesuits, pedophilia, human trafficking, and Pope Frances.

Highlighted ‘Cliff’s Notes’ of the Forward to:


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