The Mystery of the Las Vegas Shooting Continues and Becomes More Complicated Day After Day

By Robert Carbery

Las Vegas has suffered in the wake of the deadly shooting from the Mandalay Bay. In the eight weeks before a gunman (or gunmen) killed 58 innocent people and injured 546 more, air bookings to Vegas were already down 7% for domestic flights and 2% for international flights on a year over year basis. But the truth has suffered the most in the aftermath of this shattering calamity.
After the shootings, things naturally got even worse. In the three weeks after the mysterious concert shooting, domestic bookings for flights were down 21% and down 16% for international flights in, according to data compiled by ForwardKeys.
There are still many unanswered questions in the early October shooting in Vegas. The investigation has been floundering and the way Mandalay Bay and its security team has responded to the timeline coming from the investigation of this catastrophic event has been more than perplexing. There are more and more videos coming out on a weekly basis showing that there are at least two shooters, which is what many survivors of the shooting constantly claim.
In recent videos that surfaced on YouTube and surprisingly have not been taken down yet, three guys appear out of nowhere on one video from an eyewitness survivor on the ground at the country concert in Vegas. A Google Earth overview shows that a catwalk overlooks a section of the front area of the outdoor concert where there were initially no individuals visible when the shooting began. However, shortly after the shots started ringing out, one then three guys all of the sudden appear on an elevated area looking down on the concertgoers fleeing for their lives. These shots would ring out from a different direction from the Mandalay Bay’s 32nd floor. These shots shoot north from a close target as opposed to a long range southeast shot from a far off position in a hotel room as Stephen Paddock supposedly was doing.

The images of these black clad people overlooking the people running on the ground in Vegas is stunning. They look quite suspicious and this is all of course being overlooked by the mainstream media which has moved on to the next shiny object. We need to shine a light back on this unsolved crime that we are being kept in the dark about.
This is either a huge coincidence or the missing link to the unraveled mystery in Vegas. The video from the survivor on the ground showing people of interest crawling on the roof of an RV or catwalk quite close to the concert is something that should be looked into with utmost detail. The person taking the video freaks out when shots all of the sudden sound like they’re coming from very close, shortly thereafter seeing the people on top of the RV or catwalk.
There is no way that there was only one shooter. Multiple eyewitnesses on the ground state that there was more than one shooter and some definitely on the ground and when you listen to the videos from the people that were there the shots sound like they are coming from more than one direction. The way the shots were heard, the people that were shot running for their lives, the initial feeling of it only being fireworks then seeing people with bullet wounds as the lights came on prove that there is something much more sinister going on here.

“People were dropping like flies,” one eyewitness told a CNN reporter. People were on the ground afraid to stand up and run because when that happened the shots started ringing out again. It is baffling that it took so long for the shooter to be taken down and the fact that there were shooters on the ground needs to be brought to the public and the truth needs to be unearthed and shared with all of us as soon as possible. The Vegas police believe there was only one shooter, but the events on the ground are proving otherwise. No one cares anymore though. Politicians are sexually harassing women after all!
The truth will come out sooner or later. We are having facts withheld from us. There is something fishy going on with the Vegas shooting and the subsequent investigation. We cannot forget this story. We must ensure that the truth is unearthed before this story is lost to the annals of history that are accumulating much more faster these days.
The mystery of the Vegas shooting continues. Will we ever learn the truth?
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