1 in 4 Americans DEFAULTED on Student Loans! Real Wages Drop, Real Economy Falls

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The impossible feat: Trying to fix a debt problem with more debt. The US consumer is largely responsible for the economy of the US. However, that consumer has less and less disposable income and more and more debt. The bigger this becomes, the worse the crisis becomes. What do you think will happen with the debt? Will it be forgiven? Or will it crush them?

While we have a massive stock market rally, the Fed pumping billions into the markets every single day, the real economy is not being supported by fiat fantasy. Instead, it’s being made worse and eventually, this pain will have to be felt. Nothing can be papered over. Today, we see the consequences of massive debt. How they’re all interconnected with derivatives and the magnitude of trillions of debt that will never be paid back. This cannot be resolved and will surely spiral out of control.


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