1 in 4 Americans plan to quit jobs in 2022… Main Street without workers…

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The Great Resignation will likely continue into 2022. About one-quarter of workers are looking to get a new job this year, according to a report from ResumeBuilder.com released earlier this week. Of those employees, some want to move into tech-related industries such as IT, business and finance.

Roughly 23% of those surveyed last month said they want to quit this year. Another 9% have already found a new job, and an additional 9% said they’ll retire this year. Most of those resignations are happening in the retail, food and hospitality industries, according to the report.

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As labor grows scarcer and pricier, stores are turning to cashier-less checkout to stay in business.

Why it matters: Businesses increasingly face the almost unheard-of predicament of figuring out how to keep their doors open with fewer — or no — employees.

What’s happening: The number of people who want a job isn’t rising very fast, Axios’ Courtenay Brown and Neil Irwin report. The share of adults in the labor force remains 1.5 percentage points below pre-pandemic levels.

  • And when it comes to in-person service jobs on Main Street, COVID-19 outbreaks can quickly exacerbate the worker shortage.
  • As a result, stores are looking for new ways to navigate the shortage.
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