1 million Californians filed for unemployment

by ChivePretzel

According to this source. While this only accounts for the state of California, I thought Wall Street estimated around 2.25 million unemployed nationwide? I wonder what the real numbers are for the other states. Please post your state’s numbers and source if you can find them so we can add them up before the official nationwide numbers come out.

EDIT: I’ll start adding up the numbers by state if you can provide a source. Wow, so far, this is pretty sad 🙁

EDIT: All of these sources are saying these are claims from the past week or two. This quarantine is going to last for the foreseeable future so expect more claims throughout April…

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TOTAL: ~ ???

AL ~ 17k source

AK ~ ??

AZ ~ 30k source

AR ~ 10k source

CA – 1 million

CO ~ 180k filing attempts in a single week

CT ~ 100k source

DE ~ ??

FL ~ 70k to 224k source source #2

GA ~ ??

HI ~ 40k source

IA ~ ??

ID ~ ??

IL ~ 64k just last week alone

IN ~ 54k source

KS ~ 28k just last week alone

KY ~ ??

LA ~ 70k source (just from last week!)

ME ~ 5k in just 3 days this week!

MD ~ ??

MA ~ 20k filed just on monday alone!

MI ~ 109k source (just last week alone)

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MN ~ 150k source

MS ~ ??

MO ~ ??

MT ~ ??

NE ~ ??

NV ~ 206k just from casinos alone!

NH ~ 44k source

NJ ~ ??

NM ~ ??

NY ~ 1.7 million source (these are calls and are not confirmed)

NC ~ 166k source

ND ~ ??

OH ~ 139k source

OK ~ 18k source

OR ~ ??

PA ~ 540k source

RI ~ 62k source

SC ~ ??

SD ~ ??

TN ~ ??

TX ~ 281k source (I can update when I get a new source)

UT ~ ??

VT ~ ??

VA ~ 40k just last week!

WA ~ ??

WV ~ 28k source

WI ~ 101k source

WY ~ ??


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