#1 Reason why China is hiding the numbers


-The economy – When those gazillion containers never make it to western countries… that will not help much

-The fact that the virus is a bio-weapon – that’s now the most known secret in the world. most people assume this is the fact and no, hiding this will not help them much.

The real reason is that if they can hide how dangerous it really is, they gain a strategic advantage on all the other nations.

Economically they are f*cked already.

However, if this virus destroys Japan, Europe & the United States, China , even with a few hundred million less people, becomes the N#1 military super power by default.

Yes, they f*cked up letting this virus out – but the only way they can now stay on top is if the rest of the world is worse off then them.

Obviously – all ‘globalist agencies’ would support this lie … as they see China as the model for the future.

The beauty of it .. it’s just a lie by omission


h/t JADR+