10 anonymous media execs predict next year’s industry-shaking events…

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  • CNBC spoke with 10 media executives who anonymously predicted one significant industry event for next year.
  • Projections included Bob Iger returning as Disney CEO, Shari Redstone selling or merging ViacomCBS and Apple buying a movie studio.
  • One executive predicted Roku will buy Lionsgate’s film and TV production studio.
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New year prediction pieces are a journalism standard. But instead of giving my own projections, I asked 10 media executives, with the promise of anonymity, to give me their best guesses on what’s going to happen in 2022.

The rules were simple: The prediction could be anything related to the media and entertainment business, but it had to be significant and couldn’t be obvious.

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Here’s what they told me.

I’ll revisit the predictions at this time next year to see how they turned out, and then poll 10 new executives for their 2023 predictions.




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