We’ve done every welfare promise. Now Turkey went bankrupcy.

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by Just_Pollution_7370

I am a fellow libertarian from Turkey.

It started with smaller steps.

Our goverment bought voters with excessive food aids. All recipients voted favor for Guberment.

They increased minumum wage rocket-high level and all working class are equally poor from teacher to engineer.

Higher minumum wage pushed inflation even higher.

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13.5 millions people receive some kind of guberment aid. Therefore Central bank prints money contuniously because of taxation can’t match spending. It fuels inflation energy.

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They gave retiree’s extra mounthly payment money, child-care money for birth and goes on.

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When a Guberment buys voter favor with money. The people support them with blind eye.

Congress become corrupt and supporter become most hated group on earth.

Turkish lira lose its value daily.

And Worst is our opposition parties are same economic believes.

We stuck in welfare state distopia.


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