$10 Billion Defense Contract Proposal is specifically worded with a host of technical stipulations that only Amazon can meet, according to insiders.

via vanityfair:

Much of the language of JEDI, in fact, seems specifically tailored for Jeff Bezos. “Everybody immediately knew that it was for Amazon,” says a rival bidder who asked not to be named. To even make a bid, a provider must maintain a distance of at least 150 miles between its data centers, a prerequisite that only Amazon can currently meet. JEDI also asks for “32 GB of RAM”—the precise specification of Amazon’s services. (Microsoft, by contrast, offers only 28 GB, and Google provides 30 GB.) In places, JEDI echoes Amazon’s own language: It calls for a “ruggedized” storage system, the same word Amazon uses to tout its Snowball Edge product.



Microsoft Azure has 64GB and even larger instances available. Google Cloud is also way higher


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Every major cloud distributor has more than 32GB of RAM available.

“Ruggedized storage system” is Amazon’s Snowball, but Microsoft has Azure Data Box which surely matches the specification too?

This article seriously needs more details. On the surface of it, it looks like they’re just lying their asses off. I can literally see 64GB RAM instances from Microsoft right now. Its not that hard to research. They’ll have to explain why Microsoft’s “Azure Data Box” doesn’t work or why the Azure A8mv2 (64GB of RAM) doesn’t count.



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