10 Insane Facts About the Global Markets! Perfect Storm Will Evaporate the Middle Class

The decay is beyond repair. There is no turning back. We are being sold an illusion. Just hang on, this guy will fix it.That group will rescue us.Things will change…but it never comes to be. Everything is all according to plan.

The extreme valuations of the markets have been unprecedented, to say the least. Time and time again we have watched it break records, defying gravity. The longest bull market in history hasn’t been the strongest. 10 years out from the collapse of the financial system, emergency lifelines are still in place. Defibulators, IV drip, adrenaline, all running non-stop for a decade and we are now entering the next phase of the most insane financial experiment in history. Are you ready?


S&P 500 posts its worst week of 2019 as trade tensions flare


New tariffs on shoes has the industry bracing for a hit


Traders are betting big on a sudden drop in stocks and it’s starting to pay off


Perfect storm building for market correction


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