10 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Prepper

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house/ Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;/The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,/…

… but mom forgot to stuff them and now they’re bare.”

If you’re anything like me, you probably spent countless hours organizing your Christmas lists, reading product reviews, and way too much time decorating the packages so they look just right for Christmas Day only to realize – at the last minute – that you forgot the stocking stuffers.

Every parent can relate to this … right? Please don’t let me be the only one!

Now that it’s crunch time, if you are still looking for some stocking stuffers, look no further than these prepper-inspired gifts for your favorite loved ones.

10 Prepper-Inspired Stocking Stuffers For Your Favorite Prepper

1. Pocket Firestarter + Paracord Keychain

These premium quality small fire starters are lightweight, compact and the perfect pocket size. If you want to extend the handle of the fire starter you can screw off the lid and the scraper and attach the lid on the other side of the fire starter.

Included in the packaging is also a keychain made of 79” (2m) 550lb paracord. You can attach the fire starter to the keychain and carry them together as a pack or let the paracord hang with your keys or on your bag. The paracord itself is useful in all outdoor situations thanks to its enormous durability.

2. Campsite Storage Strap

If you’ve been searching for camping storage ideas, this unique storage system provides you with infinite ways to stash your camping gear up high! Hang your bags or baskets of food to protect from critters, ants and other insects! Use it as a clothesline to drape your wet bathing suits, towels, and life jackets so they can air dry quickly! Or hang your pots, pans, and utensils to keep them off the ground!

You’ll find so many ways to make this storage strap useful to you! Use it horizontally between trees when you need the width for hanging larger items. Or wrap it around a tree so you can hang your stuff around the trunk. And, it works well to hang vertically from a tree or post!

3. UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case, 25 Stormproof Matches and 3 Strikers

Being able to reliably make a fire is vital for cooking, generating warmth, and in survival situations, making signal fires. UCO Stormproof Matches are perfect for camping, emergency kits, and should be part of every 10 Essentials checklist.

Stormproof Matches are windproof, waterproof, light up quickly and consistently in driving rain, heavy winds, and falling snow with a burn time of up to 15 seconds-plus they will relight after being submerged in water. Each kit includes 25 Stormproof Matches, 3 strikers, and a cotton ball inside a waterproof case that floats.

4. Solar Power Bank, USB Port, and 21LED Light Solar Power Bank Portable Battery Cellphone Charger

A power bank is a necessity when you are out of home since running out of battery is common. This product is especially suitable for camping, hiking, or for the traveler,With 3 USB ports available, there is ample space for multiple devices. Best of all, with 21 LED lights, this is an asset to have if there is a power failure.

5. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight

This powerful and practical, general purpose flashlight is the perfect gift for a father, husband, wife, scout, or college student for any occasion. The tough, military-grade aluminum body makes it suitable for extreme conditions indoors or outdoors. You can count on it during storms, floods, power outages, earthquakes, and natural disasters.

Portable and small, this torch is convenient to pack in your bag, glove compartment, camping gear or survival kit. The flash and SOS functions are lifesavers when doing roadside repairs or signaling for help. Highly reliable and easy to use, it is the perfect flashlight to have while fishing, hiking, hunting, or exploring.

6. Throwing Knife Set

Set of six throwing knives!!! EASY ATTACHED ON YOUR LEG!!! Super sharp, double-edged blade. 440 Stainless Steel is used for a lifetime of target practice. These throwing knives will pierce straight through an aluminum can. They balance right after the end of the blade, giving precision and speed. Cutouts featured on the blade significantly improve the overall weight and balance. Attach a tassel to tune these knives to your throwing style. In addition, we will give you a nylon throwing knife sheath that can attach to your leg.

7. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Weighing 2 ounces and fitting in the palm of your hand, the Sawyer MINI Water Filter provides 0.1 micron absolute filtration — removing 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.9999% of protozoa. The size, convenience, and performance of the Sawyer MINI make it perfect for everything from camping with the kids to traveling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted

8. Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

Many of you know of the superior quality of KA-BAR Knives. Their spork is no different. The Tactical Spork, which is made from food and water approved Grammid, is equipped with a fork/spoon combo and has a 2.5″ plastic serrated knife in the handle. The knife is accessed by pulling the spork in opposite directions from each extreme end.

9. Solar Lantern and Collapsible Flashlight

Charge your phone or tablet, light your campsite, AND signal for help from rescue teams. An essential camping gear addition, the Pocket Light’s multi-mode settings (2 level bright and super-bright luminous light, SOS emergency signal, USB charging capabilities) make this camp lantern your new favorite survival gear. Compact and easy to carry, we’ve nicknamed it the Pocket Light because it fits in your pocket. It also clips to your tent for all night light, then solar charge the next day. Keep this rechargeable camping lantern with you in your camping gear and bug out bag to prepare for your next adventure!

10. Harcore Lightsticks

The Cyalume SnapLight brings light to dark places. These heavy-duty light sticks aren’t some glow stick you pick up at a party store. SnapLight provides bright, reliable, 360-degree illumination for up to 12 hours. The green SnapLight is so bright it can be seen from up to a mile away – so you can rest assured knowing it will provide enough light for rooms, hallways, stairwells or your walk back to camp. SnapLight is waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable. The light stick has a hook and gate top, for hanging, attaching or stringing the lights together.




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