10 Mainstream Media Predict When The Economic Collapse & Stock Market Crash Will Happen


“Are we on the verge of another economic collapse the next great depression? A devastating stock market crash and a horrific implosion of the global debt bubble? On my youtube channel I have been relentlessly warning my watchers about the inevitable consequences of our very foolish actions, but now the mainstream media is beginning to sound just like Epic Economist youtube channel. The coming economic collapse is so close now that a lot of them are starting to see it, and of course financial collapse is already a reality for much of the rest of the planet. For years, the mainstream media told us that things would get better, and in a lot of ways we did see some improvement. But now the tone of the mainstream media has become quite ominous, and that is definitely not a positive sign. The following are 10 examples of mainstream media sources warning us of imminent economic collapse and devastating stock market crash…

A stock market crash is a precipitous and rapid decline (that may persist for months or years) in the prices of shares traded on a stock exchange, caused by panic selling. Stock market crashes are triggered typically by loss of investor confidence after an unexpected event, and are exacerbated by fear. Stock market crash are usually preceded by a period of prolonged and high inflation, economic and/or political uncertainty, or hysteric speculative activity. They bring normal economic activity to a halt, wipe out the savings of millions of investors, and bring widespread misery in their wake, specially for the weaker and vulnerable sections of the society.”

h/t TheCrunk1