10 Most Promising Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

Investing in cryptocurrency is the latest trend that is being followed around the world. If you are looking to invest in any cryptocurrency you need to be aware of the latest cryptocurrency news. When you invest in cryptocurrency you have to invest a lot of money and you run a risk of losing it all. Here are the top ten cryptocurrencies that you should consider investing in.


Bitcoin is where it all started. It is the most well-known cryptocurrency there is. It is no wonder that it has been leading the market since its conception. Although June 2018 saw an alarming fall at around $6,700, July has seen Bitcoin bouncing back in the market. Most people choose to invest in Bitcoin since the payout of investing in Bitcoin is greater than that of the others.


Ethereum maintains its place on top of the table. While Bitcoin has bounced back, in August Ethereum has not been able to make up for the losses. Ethereum was not able to hold $300 support. The second week of August reported an 11% loss.


EOS has been a close competitor to Ethereum. EOS has done much better in the market as compared to the other cryptocurrencies. Its stability makes it one of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies to back.

Bitcoin Cash

With bigger block sizes than Bitcoin, the fork of Bitcoin is an interesting option to invest in. Bitcoin Cash liquidity in 2017 was very low hence a lot of Bitcoin Cash is simply waiting to be sold. It is currently exhibiting volatility and higher volumes. This is markers that it is the right time for investing in this alt-coin

Ripple XRP

Ripple is unlike the traditional digital currency. Ripple has a high acceptance rate from banks. If XRP survives being classified as a security then it stands to be a strong investment option in the market.


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This quicker and lighter derivative has been a regular member of the top 10 cryptocurrency charts since it was launched in 2013. Litecoin has infrastructure close to that of Bitcoin and it boasts nearly no transaction fee.


Stellar comes with powerful technology backed by IBM. This cryptocurrency is compliant with most ICO regulations making investments in stellar extremely secure.  Stellar transactions are free. All of these are reason enough to invest in this cryptocurrency that is a part of constant top 10.


Tether is a cryptocurrency which has drawn a lot of speculation. It is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the USD. Some believe that this currency is there to only prop up Bitcoin and the fall of this currency will devastate the market.


Cardano is close to ow Ethereum works making it highly familiar. Unlike Ethereum, Cardano offers a more regulated blockchain system without jeopardizing the user anonymity.


Monero is a quiet cryptocurrency that offers complete privacy to the users. Instead of public ledgers, Monero opts for one-time addresses for each transaction. If you want a cryptocurrency where anonymity is prised go for Monero.

Before investing in any cryptocurrency, follow updated cryptocurrency news.


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