100% COUP if true – Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney – A Three-letter US Govt Agency Caught Switching Votes

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From another site. Wish I could take credit for finding this.
Starts at 12:39 or so

Copypasta from the other site:

12:39: “I got information from a source that a three-letter agency (CIA? NSA? DoD?) in the U.S. government got caught switching votes and President Trump is well aware of it. The swamp is trying to force this President out of office, but I guarantee you it’s not going to happen.”

The Chinese were also involved, they are very good at this, but more is going to come out, but BE PATIENT AMERICA, President Trump is going to be the President in the next four years.”

He also says around 75-78 million people voted for President Trump.

“The people running this were the same people who tried to run the Russia Hoax, the same names, starting right at the top, were involved in this”

“HAMR/SCORECARD was used as a trial run by Obama/Biden in the 2012 election succesfully flipping FLA to Obama”

In case you’re unaware of Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, he is a United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States. He went on Steve Bannon’s War Room a day before the election and blew the whistle on Scorecard/Hammer, saying “it’s going to look like Trump is winning on election night and then it’s going to go away.” He predicted exactly what would happen.


h/t EvJohn


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