100% Fact: If Fed Cuts Rates, Recession Happens. Every. Single. Time.

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In your opinion, do you think the Fed will CUT in July?

Fairy tales are fun. We can escape reality for a moment and enjoy the fictional fantasy. But for those who are willing to accept the cold hard truth, fairy tales are best left for story time. Statistically, something is very off today. The stock market is pricing in several rate cuts in 2019 yet stocks are at all time highs. We have stocks that are literally at $1 trillion. But we can’t even manage with some of the lowest interest rates in history?


The Money GPS – YouTube


Federal Reserve Board – Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement


Fed decision: FOMC holds rates steady, still sees no cuts in 2019


Here’s what the stock market liked from the Fed


2019-06-19_12-27-49.jpg (672×487)


Jeffrey Gundlach on Twitter: “Fed message today was essentially: the case for easing has strengthened, we hope that changes soon, if it doesn’t we’re behind the curve.” / Twitter


Sven Henrich on Twitter: “Fun historic fact: Every single time the Fed cut rates when unemployment was below 4% a recession immediately ensued & unemployment shot to 6%-7%. Again: Every. single. time. t.co/OyV8lNkRwz” / Twitter


John P. Hussman on Twitter: “With the exception of 1967 and 1996, every initial Fed rate cut has been associated with an oncoming or ongoing recession. Be careful what you wish for. t.co/SaWvQjrNOq” / Twitter


NewYorkFedRecessionModelJune2019.png (914×611)


NYFedRecessionProbabilityModel1985.png (916×607)


bfm3D3F.jpg (976×506)





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